Saturday, December 18, 2010

Communists H8 Facebook

I know, I know, “Where the hell is Rosie?”  I think I am in a Communist Country called Vietnam—or rather, I know I am in Vietnam but I thought they were Socialists, since that is what it says on the stupid Visa they made me get prior to entering into their country.  But, apparently they are a single party system, Communism being that single party (or again, I think this, but I was too lazy to really read into the wiki).  Therefore, all internet sites that might influence independent thoughts and opinions are blocked—including but not excluding FACEBOOK.COM and me being able to purchase books for my Nook--God knows Young Adult Vampire novels will lead to the next Commy Revolution.  Although holding me back from reading the last two books in my six book vampire series will lead the following conversation with my roommate Wil:

2:54PM my time; 11:54PM Wil's time:

2:54 PM me: hey
  can you do me a favor?
2:55 PM Wilfred: i'll try...what's up
 me: can you login to B&
2:56 PM username:
  password: XXXXXXX
 Wilfred: ok, i'm in
 Wilfred: lol
  can you search for "Last sacrafice"
  it is book 6 in my vampire academy book series
 Wilfred: BWAHAHAH
2:58 PM me: bitch
  I know you are laughing
 Wilfred: ui just drooled on the keyboard
 me: know that this might hinder your ability to score some awesome fish sauce
 Wilfred: lol u want book 6?
 me: ok, once you are there, can you buy the nook book?
  not the hardback version but the nook one
2:59 PM I think it detects that I am making purchases from vietnam
 Wilfred: ok, just bought it
3:00 PM me: yes
  I got it
  you are awsome
 Wilfred: your welcome
3:01 PM enjoy your vampire diary lol

Fast Forward an hour later:

me: wil
  are you still up
 Wilfred: yup yup
 me: can you buy me one more book?
3:49 PM Spirit Bound
 Wilfred: ok, logged in
 me: vampire academy part 5
  I wanted six too
  I just didn't realize I just read 4
 Wilfred: lol
 me: so I started reading 5 and got really confused :)
3:50 PM shut up
 Wilfred: just hit buy
3:51 PM me: I am so glad it is 1 in the morning and you are still not asleep
 Wilfred: haha, i am your tween fiction savior
 me: you are
3:52 PM I might bite you when I get back
 Wilfred: lol

So of course since I am both a Capitalist and a Computer Engineer, I felt that it was my duty to find a work-around to this issue.  Once others in my little hippy commune saw that I could access Facebook, I started helping others change their DNS IP addresses (which is easy enough to do unless your friend is from Sweden and she is using Windows 7 in Swedish, like Windows 7 couldn't get any more hellacious to navigate) and now I am the computer Guru of Vietnam.  This is almost as bad as me turning small children onto Angry Birds.

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  1. I love that you are reading those books!!! ha ha!! My friend just got me the first one for christmas knowing I'd be obsessed. I'm waiting to start reading it cuz I know I'll want to read all of them really quickly at a great financial cost. :)