Monday, December 13, 2010

There are three ways to get to the Big Buddha; None of which are awesome

Right after I got off the plane into Hong Kong, I went to go see the biggest Buddha in all of Asia so I could thank him for giving me a safe journey.  Buddhists have a habit of making life difficult and getting to the “Big Buddha” was no exception.  The Buddha lies on a very high mountain on an island call Lantau and you can get to the top one of three ways or a combination of two:
  • A gondola with a glass floor that swings because the wind is pretty bad on the top of the mountain.  
  • An hour long bus ride going 60 miles an hour and driving on the left side of a curvy road surrounded by shear cliffs
  • Or, you can walk up 4200 feet worth of manmade stairs for four hours to the top and then walk up another 270 steps to see the Buddha up close. 

Now obviously I would have opted for the 4/5 hours worth of stairs but it was already 4pm and they make everyone leave the mountain at 6:30pm because of wind and bad weather conditions.  So I took the glass floor gondola up and the bus down.  In the first picture to the right, you can see how long and steep that gondola was.  There were four/five sections of about the same distance before we got to Buddha base camp.The gondola didn't cure my fear of flying but it get me up the mountain and the Buddha was well worth it..  

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