Monday, December 13, 2010

She eats more Chinese food than my daughter

Yu-Ju’s parents were so proud.  Not only could I pickup pretty much anything using chopsticks, but I ate:

  • Stinky tofu, not once, but twice (image above left)
  • The traditional Taiwanese oyster omelet with gelatin (image above left)
  • Fried chicken butt, kidneys, hearts and a rice blood cake; all of which come on a stick (Monica and I ate it one night at the Shita Night Market)
  • Fish ball soup and clam soup (which is known to help women’s health).  The interesting thing about these soups is that the broth is completely clear but SO flavorful

And, whole fish...well that’s not totally true.  I ordered lunch at the bathhouse and they asked me if I wanted the Chinese Lunch and I was like yeah.  So the lunch starts out with beef soup, which is pretty traditional for Taiwan (I think Yu-Ju said the Chinese eat their soup at the end of the meal), then I get a salad, and then I get my main course (see above left).  Doesn’t this look like an eel (see above left)?  The spa thought frying it that way would make it look fancy but it just kind of shocked me and not much shocks me when it comes to eating.  Do you see him staring at me (see left)?
You can also see that once me and the fish made friends, it was fine.

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    1. Oh Rosie you are definitely NOT squeamish!!! I am such a picky eater- I wish I wasn't so I could enjoy more exotic foods but alas if it's meat (or stinky tofu) I can't hang. ha ha!
      I love reading your adventures! :)