Monday, December 13, 2010

Places you should NOT try and read your Nook: The Bathhouse

Taipei is an island of extreme geological beauties like gorges, mountains, and hot springs.  So in between the Palace Museum and the Shanghai Shek Memorial, I hit up one of the hot springs. 

Now this story is not nearly as exciting as my German bathhouse story when I sat in a 120 degree sauna that you can only hang out in for 5 minutes, and where all of the women sit naked in a miniature Greek theater.  And, how the one lone man in the bathhouse (called the Bath Master) comes in wearing a towel (i.e. not naked) and basically fans the extra hot air from the coals, using a towel, onto the audience of nude women and when he finishes we all applaud him.  Yeah, that didn't happen in Taiwan.

This was more of a Japanese style bathhouse that has a women’s section and a men’s section, whereas my nako lady experience in Germany was a women’s only day, minus the non-naked Bath Master.  But, I tried to wear a swim suit and there wasn’t a proctor or anything but there were a lot of women my mom’s age getting there bathhouse on and they told me [smiling], “No suit.”  So this is where I segue into telling you that I brought my Nook into the bathhouse so that I could read.  I am sure no one is going to ask me for a demo of that device again, but I needed to keep myself entertained since I don’t speak Chinese.  However, the mommies stared at me and not because I looked ridiculous reading my nook naked, but because I brought an electronic device into the hot spring.  It was almost like I decided to read my Nook in an lunch room.  I think they thought it was going to hurt them, but I had my water proof cover on it and I get restless.  So just a traveling tip for those of you who thought you might want to use your electronic reader in a foreign bathhouse while naked, don’t do it.

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